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The AI Powered Integration Platform is AI Powered Next Generation Open Standards based Integration and Automation platform, with a distributed Agent based architecture suitable for Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid scenarios.

Open Source, Open Standards

Developer Friendly


Connect applications and services using OpenAPI Connectors and Integration Flows.


Create, Receive, Handle and Publish CloudEvents using Event Hub.


Build automations using Software Bots and Interactive Notebooks.​

Open Source Integration and Automation Platform

Integrate with OpenAPI CloudEvents Code

Connect core systems and databases, add event sources and  automate using powerful Integration Flows, Software Bots and code based Interactive Notebooks. Publish everything using OpenAPI.


Cloud & Enterprise Ready can be run on Windows, Mac or Linux. It can be hosted in cloud using services like Azure App Service or it can be deployed into an on-premise server.

Scales with your Business is architectured to use an agent model. When a request comes to an endpoint, it is executed by one of the agents. Agents are installed and configured separately from the server.

Developer Friendly's goal is to be an integration platform which developers like to use. Integration Flows can be defined using YAML and Interactive Notebooks are C# based.

Easy start up is available from Docker Hub and it's UI can be used to add integrations and event sources.

Open Source is open source. Its source code is available from GitHub.

Extensible is built using an plugin-architecture. Features like automation and eventing are built as modules and used through a plugin system which allows plugins to be added, updated and removed runtime.


Everything has been build from the get-go to meet the enterprise's requirements for running in an 24/7 mission critical environment. supports hot updates and hot configuration without restarts.

Open Standards is built on top of open standards like OpenAPI and CloudEvents. Enterprise Enteprise is available through Adafy Oy. Enteprise version includes LTS version and support. Contact Adafy to learn more.
For Developers Core

The Open Source, run anywhere Integration and Automation Platform for Developers. No dependencies to external services.

For Businesses and Enterprises using Azure Professional

For teams and businesses that require next-gen open standards based Integration and Automation platform. Enterprise

Integration and Automation Platform that works at scale. For enterprises that require internal and external collaboration and automation.

Use Cases

Here’s some examples of where can be used.

OpenAPI based Service Layers and Integration Platforms

Integrate multiple systems, both on-premise and on cloud and publish their data through Secure OpenAPI endpoint using

Business Automation

Use's Integration Flows, Sofware Bots and Interactive Notebooks to automate processes.

Integration Layer for Legacy Systems

Add on top of your legacy systems to create a modern integration layer.

Frequent questions is next generation integration platform. It is built using the following principles: Open Source, Open Standards, Developer Friendly, Cloud & Enteprise Ready.

Easiest way to get started is to use’s DevContainer. You can find more information from GitHub: provides CLI, Admin API and Admin UI which can be used to configure integrations, APIs and more. doesn’t have any external dependencies. You can run it in your own server or in any cloud provider. Enteprise provided by Adafy Oy requires Azure subscription as it is preconfigured to use Azure services for better scaling and security. uses an agent model to operate. Agents are responsible for replying to requests and they handle automations and eventing.

Easiest way to do scaling is to add more agents. SDK is available .NET The SDK can be used to create new integration and event source plugins and components.

Additionally you can use built-in Interactive Notebooks to extend the system. For example you can create a Notebook which reads all the endpoint configuration data, convert those into JSON format and then stores them into GitHub. This Notebook can be automatically executed using an Event trigger.

Everyone can access the issue tracked on GitHub.

Priority email support is available for Enterprise users.

Developer Support is available for a monthly fee. Contact at for more details.

Who is for?


Build and focus on your own software and use to add secure integration API, webhooks and eventing capabilities into your software.


Use’s interactive notebooks to automate processes and to build internal and external facing integration layer for your business.


Deploy next to your system to automate the dataflows between your system and the others.

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