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Use Cases

Open Source Frameworks and Libraries for Azure & .NET Developers

Developer Friendly Open Source Projects

Here’s the current list of our frameworks and libraries for Azure & .NET Developers


Event Framework

Event Framework is a framework for creating, receiving, sending and handling CloudEvents in .NET.


API Framework

Everything is an OpenAPI! Build dynamic and reusable APIs on top of ASP.NET Core.


Plugin Framework

Plugin Framework is a plugin platform for .NET Core applications, including ASP.NET Core, Blazor, WPF, Windows Forms and Console apps. It is light-weight and easy to integrate and supports multiple different plugin catalogs, including .NET assemblies, Nuget packages and Roslyn scripts.

Use Cases

Here’s some examples of what we have build with these projects.

OpenAPI based Service Layers and Integration Platforms

Integrate multiple systems, both on-premise and on cloud and publish their data through OpenAPI endpoint using API Framework.

CloudEvents Based Systems & Business Automation

Use Event Framework to track and publish changes using the standard CloudEvents format from your systems. Use Bot Framework and Logic Apps to automate processes based on the events or publish the events into Azure Event Grid.

Plugin Based Apps

Build Blazor, ASP.NET Core and Windows apps which can be extended using plugins. Plugin Framework allows you to use Nuget packages, Roslyn scripts and many more as plugin sources.

Built on top of great technologies

The projects are built on top of technologies like ASP.NET Core, Roslyn and Nuget. They are easy to integrate into your .NET Core & .NET 5 apps and they work great together with Azure services like Azure Api Management.

Open Source & Open Standards

The projects are MIT and Apache 2.0 licensed and available from GitHub.

Our frameworks don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Instead they are built on top of open standards like CloudEvents and Open Api.

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